He Stood There —

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My Father stood there alone at the airport as I was again preparing to leave

He stood there staring at me as the call was made to board an airplane for the
West Coast
Part of a return trip to Korea to continue a command started seven months
earlier that would be completed
Part of a military career that started years earlier that had taken me thousands
of miles away many times
Part of an upbringing that saw me leave often when he would give me partial
rides back to college in New York
Part of a life filled with contention between father and son that had not found
the right words of resolution

He stood there alone not knowing how to show emotion never openly expressed
iShadow Xn all the years
He stood there more alone now because we buried his wife, my mother,
following a long period of illness
He stood there motionless, quietly staring at me when I turned back to him and
said “Dad, I love you.”
He stood there when he grabbed me and embraced me and we both wept
He stood there holding me as he said to me, “I love you son.”