On The Square —

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Inherent with any artist is the willingness to open the mind to possibility. When I walk with my camera, I allow my eye to lead me with no preconceived direction. Having learned to pay attention to where I am directed, I shift into the moment and capture what is seen and felt. For me photography is the brush and canvas used to capture the experience.
There are a number of fine antique shops on the square in Marietta, GA, with windows set to entice shoppers. As I walked passed these shops late one afternoon in January, I was drawn to how the advancing afternoon light intensified the almost human expression and position of the sculpture and figurines held captive behind storefront windows. I could almost hear an outcry for release that might never be answered. It was the highlighting of features and a feeling of near humanity that
motivated me to capture a group of images.
I have learned to listen to what is inside. Using the implements of the-dream-bw_filteredphotography and the beauty of light, I attempt to share what I saw and felt that late afternoon on the square.