Apple Crack

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untitled-3Tin roof bends above my head
Cold wooden floor neath the bed
Drops fall heavy like stones they hit
Storms angry advance candle lit

Winds onslaught thrashes wall and limb
Far orchard light leans lonely dim
Clouds their grimace at each flash
Windows shake as shutters crash

Alone in mind dark shadows loom
Nature streaks around the room
The tumult wrought so wild outside
That causes one to fear and hide

Earth’s anger leashing thunderous boom
Eyes now closed in thoughts of doom
But weary soul do never fear
That morning knows the storm will clear

For daybreak wills the earth to right
Sun’s rise that pushes off the night
Leaves orchard fresh with fruit made clean
Though chaos wrought the night so mean

Stay strong in moments that confuse
Keep well the heart and never lose
The same sweet peace within each one
As orchard fruit waits morning sun

So look within the fields so green
Where orchard light stands firm though lean
Survive you did the torrent past
Keep firm the thought that you will last

Run for the orchard in morning glow
Where branches strong with fruit hang low
And take sweet apple from tree far back
To savor always that first bite crack