Coincidence —

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“Just a coincidence” is a reference used often by a man who for years was my teacher and friend. He was a learned architect who gave and never asked anything in return. He helped me understand the deeper meaning of coincidence.
Wednesday night is meeting night at the Arts Center in Atlanta. I remember meeting Ted and Gloria, well established and very respected members of the organization where we share common interests. I never forgot their greeting and kindness when I was new to the group. He has always been very knowledgeable, soft-spoken and a man whose manner displays genuine interest in conversation, at times even playful. She, very knowledgeable, dignified and reserved, yet direct with a wonderfully confident and understanding smile that puts one at ease. They are both terrific people.
One Wednesday evening many months ago in a rush from work, I stopped at a coffee shop to have a cup of soup before the meeting. That same evening they stopped at the same coffee shop. I learned they had done this for some time. We greeted each other and ate together before going to the meeting. Ever since that evening, we seem to meet there just about every meeting night and share conversation about the week and our common interest in the arts. I look forward to visiting with them on meeting nights, not just because our conversation is comfortable, but also because it is always positive and helpful. As I drive on to the meeting, I often think of what Wilfred might have said to me: “Just a coincidence Tom.” d