Everything Changes – Everything Remains The Same —

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The Yard has invited fall to return and the return is glorious. We have been blowing leaves off the deck since early September and the opening canopy has provided progressively more light for me to work with. As mentioned, summer cover shrouds our Yard in shadow almost all day, but for sunlight that is able to find its way from the front of the house.
The bird population has remained wonderfully constant, but for the Robins and Grosbeaks that suddenly disappeared, this happened several weeks ago. We did see a Grosbeak a few days ago and believe it to be an early visitor on the way back through Atlanta on the annual migration. Cardinals remain the center of attention and the female bird rules the roost. Carlie Simon made popular a song entitled “Coming Around Again” where the verbiage is that “Daddy breezes in” and this is true of the bright red male who is initially there, helps building the nest, then hangs around to maintain equanimity among Yard players.x