Healing —

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Today I felt someone else’s pain but said nothing. I said nothing, because I felt it was not my place. Somewhere between not wanting to be chastised for sticking my nose where it might not belong and saying something that could have helped, I decided to take the safe road. Somewhere between wanting to help and choosing social convention, I may have failed someone else and myself.
A medical degree is not the only prerequisite for practicing the healing arts. Healing takes place on many levels, at unexpected moments, in unexpected ways. We can heal with a word, a look, a note, a gift, or with a gentle touch. What is important is the approach. A simple “me too,” “I understand,” “you’re not alone,” “it’s fantastic, isn’t it?” often lets you in the door. If you are invited in, everybody has the potential to win. If the door is slammed in your face, you can leave knowing at least you tried. GraffStump1