I Heard Olga May Be Sick —

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A friend told me the doctor confirmed a small lump in her breast.
Early 60’s, a Latino woman loved by all whose broken English and wonderful smile
projected the materialism of this caring, beautiful grandmother.  A practiced, true professional tailor.
Always focused on the task at hand – fingers moving perfectly, each stitch purposeful.
Needle and thread the tools of this artisan. Glasses low, supported by years of experience;
Eyes leading the next needle stroke, she helped me often, Concentrated yet fully aware of all around her. conversations followed like the matriarch of her second family.  A word spoken near, eyes redirected over her glasses, a momentary response, fingers never wavering from the task.Positive, loving, missing nothing, always recognition that makes one feel comfortable.
All are attended to when accepted as a member of the family.  “May I sit here Ma’am?” “Oh “jes” you are always welcome”.  Day after day this beautiful woman makes beautiful clothing more beautiful.  untitled-6 (4)Day after day this beautiful woman makes life more beautiful.
I heard Olga may be sick.