It's Hard —

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Oft times it’s unfortunate that we social beings have to be so careful when communication in the simplest situations could be productive or even just nice. The expression “you never know” has become essential to survival. Wondering if there is a bear behind every rock causes us to circumvent, to redirect attention and tip-toe through the minefield of life. Well, better to be safe than sorry; better not to jump in, the sharks may get you; “the soul afraid of dying, that never learns to live.” Yet I would not begin to suggest prudent attention and proper awareness are not essential qualities to have. And yes, we do hear of the one that did not circumvent the rock and was eaten by the bear.
What a way to have to move through life. We all experience what holds us back, what jams on the brakes, what stops progress because we just don’t know. And then the secondary routine kicks in and we question the question, it really gets thick. The “Ben Franklin” process helps, but old Ben isn’t going to suffer the consequences, we are. And nothing ventured, nothing gained finds its place on the shelf of too hard; it’s really not worth the trouble or the hassle; and the great ideas wind up mixed with others that didn’t work on County Serveries Road, mixed in with the rubble.
Figuratively, at one time or another we have all put our hand in or near the hole in the ground and learned not to do it again. Some are able to joke about it and some go to the hospital, but something happens in that we learn, pass it on, and in the simplest way progress is served. The rubber band of life has a way of snapping back, unless we are able to wrap it around something or somebody that helps us move forward. The challenges and the unknowns will always be there – initially. Our real challenge is to never give up, to find a way.
I wanted to fly as a child, but no matter how hard I flapped my arms I could not leave the ground – however, I flew in the military for almost 17 years; I’m a guy and no matter what I do I will never give birth – but I am the father of three wonderful children (the girl that said yes to me has put-up with me for over 50 years); and I cannot embrace my father anymore – but someday I will. untitled-bw