Looking and Actually Seeing —

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It’s been just beyond two months since Anna came to me and told me she wanted her Yard back.  In a previous entry I mentioned Anna had just come through protracted recuperation from several medical issues, and what She has caused to happen just outside our back door is amazing.  As a husband I sat/sit with her as she interacts with the birds and critters that visit daily, yes interacts, and it is a joy as a photographer to watch and collect what goes on.  After a week or two of sitting with my camera I began to understand that what I was observing needed to be collected and asked Anna if she would collaborate with me on a book, she liked the idea.  Well yesterday we self published a 154 page book using Blurb that reflects a first blush of what goes on behind our small house.  The book collected a number of stories within a story about how the Spirit causes us to not just look, but to see  —untitled-3 (2)