Lunch Root —

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The lunch tree and its lunch root sit on a gradual climb about three miles into a fairly technical ride. You’ll know it because it’s about 40 yards past the split log and sharp 90-degree turn. The angled root protrudes up through the dirt path right at a small ledge about 15 inches from its tree to the right.  TrailAngled smooth and round, it’s slicker than you- know-what, when just a bit damp. It sits there on every ride just waiting to eat your lunch. If you carry speed and unweight the front tire, then punch the pedal as the rear wheel contacts the root, it’s a slight bump and over the ledge clean, then pump on up the twisting trail. The trick is to hit the slight depression close to the tree so you maintain wheel contact and bite into the earth, though your handle bar comes very close to the tree. When it works, you shoot right through. When it doesn’t, the rear wheel slides on the root with a momentary loss of balance, but control sharpens your skills. If the rear wheel looses traction and slides out, “It’s lunch time.”