Old Lessons —

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Old lessons reemerge as we progress through life. I am a retired military guy and learned early on that though I had the authority, except for operational decisions, the men and women I was responsible for came first.
What was instilled in me by respected mentors was that in those situations where you could put your people first, you always did. When we ate in the field your soldiers ate first and officers were last in the chow line. If the food ran out and you are at the end of the line that was the way it was supposed to be. This is a simple example, but even today when the family gets together, I automatically wait until everybody else gets their food. But I must admit, most times my daughter takes care of her parents.
In the movie Band of Brothers, there is a scene when a new commander was taking over the unit; the outgoing commander makes the statement to the incoming commander –“Never put yourself in a position where you take from the men.” This may be a paraphrase, but the message is obvious, a tenet, and should be expected of a leader.
untitled-14aI am fortunate that my children are so supportive of my wife and me. There are things I would be unable to accomplish, but for their concern and loving generosity. I understand there is graciousness in acceptance as well as giving. but old lessons and tenets of a previous life do not give up easily when accepting kindness from another, even one’s children.