Separating —

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Many years ago, hot and still, two miles to the gate and two miles back. The path was well known and provided wanted opportunity to clear the cobwebs, alone in my thought. No shirt and wet from exertion yet breathing comfortably, I passed south to the far gate. The turn made, now heading north, thoughts turned to the return. Then suddenly, one moment on the path and in an instant my conscious existence shifted off the path to the right side of my physical self. Full knowledge that I was running and exerting, yet my awareness was completely separated from the physical. Exertion completely ceased, I felt I could run forever. No fear, but then a momentary concern about the now effortless pace – not being what I was used to – and the conscious interruption immediately put me back on the path as I was, before separating. For those moments I was able to look at myself from without, from the effortless side. It happened at the place near the wide river that passes between the states – not the first5 or last experience.