Serendipity —

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I have been a photographer for many years and have traveled quite a bit to find the subjects that interested me or that I needed for a job.  Anna’s Yard had been an eye opener for me because all the richness I’ve found with my Girl was right outside our back door.  I often hear photographer’s say they can’t find anything new to collect, but I have known I could develop a body of work standing on one street corner for several hours/days.  But you see knowing this i did not practice what I knew to be true for years, even at my own home.  It took my wife to open my eyes again and cause me “to look and really see what was around me.”  This is proof of the Serendipity of our daily routine.  We have a choice to listen to the “Inner Voice” or let it go like a startled bird.  Some times, it just takes time.
Our backyard awakening is going to result in a self-published book.  Anna and I have decided to collaborate on our experiences in this small area of Marietta, GA, because we expect it is indicative of any place one decides to observe what exists around them.  Not just looking at what we see as we pass through, but taking the time to see what we look at every day.  untitled-4It’s a bit different for me, I’m a photographer and observing is what I do; for many this is a conscious choice that competes with the routine of life, but is highly recommended.