Smorgasbord —

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One of the definitions of Smorgasbord is: a wide range of something, a variety. There is no direct connection to food in this entry, but there is a sense of application in the word that conjures potential choice with all the precedent implications and follow-on ramifications.  untitled-9aAt the table of supposed “delectables” there is initially so much to choose from that one is forced, because of potential undesirable gastronomical outcomes, to limit choices. Without going into all the sauces and marinades, a correlation is the game of politics that presents the table, but eventually limits choices. But the table is much the same and the outcome can also result in what is best choice or a plate of undesirables.
Like a Smorgasbord, the past year has resulted in multiple passes around the table and we are now faced with “do we want this, or do we want that.” It seems to me an additional element must be considered. If the adage “we are what we eat” is true, it may be time to start looking beyond artificial and contrived presentation. Perhaps assessing past experience and seeking value and what is in our best interests is in order. If we apply common sense we may not get to taste everything, but in the long run we leave the table satisfied. If thirsty choose a beverage; if you like sweets, consider chocolate; if you become ill, go to the best doctor. Unfortunately, the final decision must be consumed to experience the outcome. So choose wisely if past experience tells you stuffing your plate has not worked, perhaps taking a new approach is required.