The Thicket —

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Within the thicket find your heart
Neither trail nor sign points the way
Or compass true to make one smart
Just feelings and fate to choose the day

There eyes by chance glimpse flowing fair
At forests edge glistening form did stand
Gentle eyes the light beneath branches stir
Did stroke soft cheek and neck with hand

There deep across the meadow wide
A glance once felt attention drawn
Soft breeze returns what smiles hide
Hearts race to joy as senses worn

“Protect the heart” in thicket deep
From unknown creatures lurking there
At forests edge that stalk or leap
To draw the eyes so clear and fair

Whose flowing bows do beckon more
Through forest rapturous moments slow
And evening dusk approaches sure
Eyes contact lost to never know

At forest’s edge near meadow wide
An unknown touch soft grasses sway
The moment lost emotions hide
Thicket’s promised fulfillment another day