The Thrasher is "OR" —

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You may recall from a previous entry that Anna was helping a Thrasher that did not fly because of an injured leg.  Well, in military terms I can report that the Thrasher is now back and “Operationally Ready.”  Though we never approached the bird, we made sure there was ample food and water available at ground level so the bird could survive during the healing process.  During the almost two weeks that the Thrasher could not fly, we were able to observe the bird hobble to the seed area and then go the the low Tupperware lid we kept near the bird feeder – it all worked.  I’ve got to admit it was fun watching my Girl bump her cane on the deck to chase away squirrels or chipmunks when they would approach the Thrasher.   But you Girls are protective like that –untitled-57 it’s a pretty wonderful thing.