The Wind Must Be Free

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No more can we grasp the wind passing through the trees on a chilled winter night
Than quell the need for freedom in the face of life that attempts to drain every ounce of individuality
Life that demands balance to earn the credits that support personal freedom and self-expression
But maintaining balance between what is needed and what is required comes at a cost
The simple act of quieting the mind becomes a luxury and we crave time to think
Yet keep vigilant we must lest what surrounds us forges ahead seizing moments not kept close within our embrace
As the perfect garden left unattended in time becomes ravenously overgrown
Or the sparrow that falls to earth when distraction causes perfect wings to fail
Like the cold wind that takes no notice of the heart as it envelopes all in its search to be free

Energy and the expenditure of resources answer to purpose and the responsibilities of life
And this energy vibrates as the lifeblood that keeps us going while serving as the strength behind action
Action that answers the call of responsibility, as purpose comes full circle in the quest to achieve goals
Thus inertia is created and life moves forward, yet the question “Is this Enough?” still emerges
Family is cared for, the profession will be served, taxes paid, and we want ever more
While decisions are made, goals are set, but there begins the search for reason
Goals lead somewhere, they should take us to a better place, they should lift the spirit and set us free
Then when the feverish pitch is reached, when one must come to grips with a reason
The inner search begins in earnest and the question that has always been there becomes an imperative
Take seriously the search; find a place undisturbed, a place where you can be free

Project to a hilltop perhaps, alone and away from daily life, sit quietly, allow the senses to heighten
Be comfortable alone, observe what is around you, observe where the valleys go, count ridges
Listen to the sounds of silence as they crescendo, smell the aroma of life that is and is no more
Touch what surrounds you, become aware of the depth of the years past, nature’s patterns
Overcome primordial fears that emerge as thoughts of not truly being alone
Feel the air move and the light change as hours pass and do not try to rush what is not yours to change
What you feel in that moment may have always been and may be long after you are gone
Hold the moment within as something you can rekindle any time you choose
Because what you feel within and what you do with what you feel is all that is yours to keep