Vibration —

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Our property is alive. Not just in the plant livingness sense, it’s also alive in the vibration sense. I have always had a kinship with trees and plants, especially when I feel a need to touch trees that I am about to prune or when I have to cut roots. I do not feel a pain but do feel a vibration that requires me to touch with a verbalized explanation – yes, the tree or plant being cut or modified.
In our yard we provide seed for the birds and peanuts for squirrels. We call to the squirrels in the morning and up to five scamper to the deck, right to our feet. There is an informal understanding that the bird feeder is off limits. Here also something different is happening. Food perhaps, but something else draws creatures to this house. Small animals do not fear here because they know they don’t have to. They feel the vibration in the livingness sense.WhiteTreesRight