When Women Understand —

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If a man is inherently selfish or unkind, he is not a man. Let me clarify this by saying “we all have our moments regardless of gender,” but if the aforementioned predominates, the man is just a male and not far distant from any male in the animal kingdom.
When a man loves and cares for a woman, he unwittingly concedes power that is stronger than physical attraction, the power of a woman’s approval. No matter how strong or weak a man may be, almost everything involves the need for approval from the one closest to him. Women share this need, but I feel a subtle difference exists. In both cases, unquestioned approval is not what is meant. When women understand this about men they are able to better manage relationships and the demeanor of a home environment. No question this is an enormous responsibility and often a burdensome task. In this role women are the catalyst for harmony and the glue that holds all together. Misunderstood or intentionally misused and the result is turmoil.untitled-1